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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can benefit from your security services?
A. Our firm offers security services to residential clients, industrial clients, shopping centers, construction sites, events and conventions, government entities and more.

Q. How can we know what specific security services we need?
A. Before securing your location or event we will conduct an in-depth professional assessment, estimating the most effective security measures for your specific needs. After the initial assessment we will present you with a master plan, including the required security personnel and vehicles. Our certified consultants have the necessary expertise to determine what is really needed to protect your organization or event.

Q. Are your security guards licensed?
A. Yes, all our security guards are licensed and have been rigorously trained to perform their duties.

Q. What types of events are you securing and protecting?
A. We secure almost any type of event that takes place in San Diego. Music shows and festivals, sport events, concerts and parties, political events, family events, school or college events, fundraising, fairs and more.

Q. What does a process server do?
A. A process server delivers (serves) documents to a defendant or individual listed on the legal document being served. Once the documents are delivered, an Affidavit of Service, also called a Proof of Service, is notarized and given to the party who requested the service.

Q. Do I really need a process server?
A. Hiring a legal process server is an important step in proceeding with a court case. Process servers possess the ability and experience to serve your documents in timely and affordable manner, in accordance with the local serving laws. If a serve is not done in accordance with the local laws it can harm your case or result in its dismissal. It can also delay obtainment of evidence, which can cause injunctions, court fees, and attorney’s fees.

Q. How much do your process server services cost?
A. Each legal case is different and each serving process has its own demands. Since the prices vary according to the specific case requirements, we will present you with a prompt quote only after studying your case.

Q. What is an Affidavit of Service and a Proof of Service?
A. An Affidavit of Service, also called a Proof of Service, is a signed document provided to you by your process server upon completion of serving your documents. Proof of Service states when, where, and who was served.

Q. There have been many burglaries in my area lately. How can you help protect my business?
A. Call us now to protect you from loitering, burglary, vandalism, or theft. Our specialized guards can produce a dramatic impact, preventing any potential criminal activity. Their presence and actions will keep the bad guys away.

Q. What if I have further questions?
A. If you have further questions or if you need more information please call or email us and we'll reply within 24 hours. Our team stands by to answer all your questions and provide you with the best and most affordable quote.

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