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CSE has been established as an independent, family owned security services and consulting firm. From its inception the company has successfully assembled its best in-class professional management competence with a powerful business model, creating an evident edge over the competition.

Our expertise, knowledge and proven achievements position CSE as a dynamic and sought-after leader in our field. We offer security services to the entire San Diego region and our professional specialization spans over a wide range of clients including individuals, businesses, organizations and institutions.

Making San Diego Feel Safe Again

As one of the fastest growing security services provider throughout San Diego, CSE develops and nurtures long-term relationships with its clients, working collaboratively to build trust and peace of mind. Identifying the market's needs and tendencies, we have designed an integrated a suite of solutions and services, tailored to our clients' needs.

Our ongoing success derives first and foremost from our competent and highly skilled staff. Over the past years we have strived to hire, train and retain the best and most experienced professionals in the business, encouraging teamwork, responsibility and devotion.

The company's unrivalled reputation reflects a strong market positioning, perfectly placed to help you whatever your security needs. Many forward-thinking clients like you have already adopted our proven solutions because they have identified our cutting edge advantages.

CSE vows to continue to provide its services by the highest ethical standards, focusing on core elements like integrity, credibility and excellence.

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